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Actividad prevista para el Lunes 13 Septiembre

1. Read the text about the Dinosaur Family

This is the Dinosaur Family. Let´s meet them!:
-Hello Dinosaur Family! What are your names?
-Dad: Hi! My name is DinoDad, I am a Tyrannosaurus rex
-Nice to meet you!
-Mom: Hello! My name is DinoMom, I am a Dromeosaurus
-Son: Hi! My name is DinoSon, I am a Saltopus
-Daughter: Hello! My name is DinoDaughter, I am a Seismosaurus
-How are you today?
-Dad: I am fine, thanks! 
-Where are you from?
-Mom: I am from DinoLand, we live there since the Jurasic Time
-Good, now it´s time to say goodbye.
-I´ll see you later!
-Bye, bye, have a good day!

2. Put the following words in the correct order to express greetings and farewells

  1. Hi/your name/ what´s/? _______________________________________
  2. Name/my/is/Tyrannosaurus rex________________________________
  3. to/meet/nice/you! ____________________________________________
  4. from/you/where/are? _________________________________________
  5. from/am/I/the mountains_____________________________________
  6. you/ today/are/how/?_________________________________________
  7. Fine/am/I/thanks_____________________________________________
  8. Going/is/it/how?_____________________________________________
  9. Too/bad/not ________________________________________________
  10. Later/you/see!______________________________________________
  11. Later/talk/you/to___________________________________________A

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