miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011


1. Read the following text about the dinosaur family. 10 minutos.
A%2Bfamily%2Bof%2BdinosaursThe big Tyrannosaurus rex spends most of the time with his family. He gets very sad when he can´t hunt any animal to eat because he needs a lot of food everyday. Sometimes, he comes back very tired at night, and sleeps for 8 hours.
Dromeosaurus takes care of her children, she is always happy. Sometimes, she also picks up some plants with her long and thin teeth and bring them home.
Saltopus is always hungry and thirsty, so he cries all the time. He is a lively dinosaur because he likes playing a lot.
Seismosaurus sleeps too much, she is very sleepy. She likes making dinoFriends, she is a very outgoing dinoGirl.

A continuación, tell the class about the features of the dinoFamily.
Ie. DinoDad is sometimes sad…

El profesor escribe una lista de adjetivos más larga en la pizarra. Pide a los estudiantes que levanten la mano y pregunten cuando haya alguna palabra que no entiendan. 5 minutos.
Se les enseñara la estructura de cómo deben preguntar:
Ie. What does  X  mean?

2.  Think about your family: What´s my father/mother/brother/sister like? And write the answer. Then tell the class about your family.
10 minutos.
i.e. My father is tall and nice.
Tarea: Preguntar al compañero de al lado y escribir 5 características de su familia y decir si nos gustan o no.
i.e.: Her sister is intelligent and I like it because she helps me. She can do many things.

Actividad prevista para el Lunes 20 de Septiembre

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